First of all, any story which includes the sentence "Few quibbled with the choice of Kaká, the AC Milan and Brazil forward, as the greatest talent on the planet." is fine with us. But we'll admit that the rest of it didn't make much sense. But that's, you know, our bad. If you asked us to list the 50 best soccer players in the world we wouldn't know where to start. Well, aside from Kaka. Now, if the question was "Who are the hairest soccer players in the game today?" then Mr. Ryan Giggs (above) is in the top 5.

But asde from that you probably won't see us on top of our building tonight tearfully screaming "Where's Paolo Maldini, you bastards!?"

Well OK, you might.

List Of The World's Finest Provokes Outrage Over Ommission Of Giggs [London Times, via Fark]