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We Asked A Pro Wrestler To Weigh In On This Ditch Fight With A Big-Time Flying Kick

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fight: "FIGHT like a BOSS ! Kampfsprung like a BOSS!" Tonight's commentator: Cory Kastle, a pro wrestler exploring his comedic chops during an extended hiatus from the ring on account of his suffering an AVM.

Kastle's reaction:

That was a pretty chaotic 26 seconds. I feel like, in one breath, I can sit and tell you how cool it was that I saw a guy using a flying (top rope) missile dropkick in a real life situation and in another breath tell you "I wish I had those 26 seconds of my life back.


Flying kicks into ditches are befuddling fight tactics, for sure.

I don't get why the two dudes were throwing sloppy haymakers on the side of a broken down Jeep Cherokee truck in the middle of a muddy pit and there was a large crowd assembled in the background. My only explanation for that to anyone who would ask me about it — and why would anybody ask me anyway? — is that I guess these people are German or something and they don't always have the best ideas.

Yeah. You could say that.

What also grabs my attention is how right after the guy in the blue shirt takes the Missile Dropkick to the back of the head, the guy he was originally fighting with snuck in cheap shots while, immediately after the high flyer guy lands, some other guy comes running in, like, right away to brawl it out in a hockey fight

I wonder if these people even knew each other at all or were just looking for an excuse to have a sloppy muddy romp with some fellow Germans.


That's for the German Mud Romp fetishists to decide.

I was curious about where the whole thing was going when I saw the fellow with the checkered shorts running over at the same time as that other SUV starting its way towards the fight but then it ended and they just replayed the dropkick to the back of the head a few more times.


Back and to the left.

Cory will be back for next week's Tuesday Night Fights in which he'll break down something that can only be described as people from the future and/or space brawling in the streets of Ibiza.


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