We know that Bostonians take a lot of heat around these parts โ€” or pretty much anywhere in the world of sport these days โ€” and we suspect they can take it; multiple championships will serve as balm to just about any wound. (Other, than, you know, maybe a gunshot.) But we're gonna compliment them anyway; everyone we and our parents met at Fenway Park this weekend were friendly and welcoming. And that's not easy to do when one's team is down 8-0 after two innings.

It was the Leitch family's first trip to Fenway, and our father couldn't get over the fact that they had seats on top of the wall now. But we really couldn't get over how warm and pleasant everyone was; other that one douche who high-fived us to say "thank you for 2004, dude, yeah!" the whole Fenway crew had a vibe that was on the right side of the force. Unlike some people.

We did enjoy the team shop. Did you know you could buy a Dice-K thong? We had no idea there was such a market.