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We Got Him!

For the record, he was wearing a Christian Ehrhoff shirtsey.

As one of the indelible faces of the riots, this young man's jubilation was numbered from the beginning. It was just a matter of time before Vancouverite justice prevailed. It did in a big way earlier today with one firebombing moron, and today the publicity caught up with this high school student who took part in smashing the windows at the Bank of Montreal branch at Homer and Georgia. We don't have to name him, since it's all over the internet. And scuttlebutt from classmates says he was arrested at school yesterday, on the last day of classes.


From the very beginning the caption on the Getty Images photo indicated he was taking part in the destruction, rather than defending the bank against other rioters. And to erase any doubt, now video emerges of him in action. (He enters the scene at the 0:44 mark.)

Meanwhile, the good apples have been helping clean up Downtown and offering gestures like this: covering a police car with Post-It Notes expressing their apologies and thanks. You can read a few of them here.


Thanks for joining us for a strange week. Hickey's your man tomorrow.

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