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The Borat movie — Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan — is almost here, which pleases us greatly. We're kind of confounded by the release schedule, though. There was a premiere in Los Angeles on Monday (Defamer, of course, was there), and there was one last month in Toronto. Borat himself attended both, which leads us to believe that the film will be released in one theater at a time until the year 2011.

Anyway, some of us should soon be able to see it. To celebrate, here's a sampling of our favorite Borat sports-related quotes.

• "May I ask you are a man who does with another man?" — Question to man attending the Henley Regatta.
• "Mow the fucking Bucks!" — Cheering for team at the Henley Regatta.
• "Every Englishman must have a hobby. Some like to collect the stamp, some like to make the jam, but the most fun is to a kill a little animal with a shotgun or rip them up with wild dog." — Commenting on English fox hunting.
• Borat: "Your dog is a loser... you are upset?"
Dog Show Contestant: "No, no. I don't get upset. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."
Borat: "You will put him in a sack in the river?"
• "You have a shower? Can I come in?" — Borat in the Savannah Sand Gnats lockerroom.
• "You win me." — Conceding locker room wrestling match with Sand Gnats player.

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