We Seriously Underestimated How Mad At Gary Carter This Autograph Hound Is

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Earlier we posted video of an autograph seeker goading Gary Carter. We had no idea how deep this runs. He's made two more bizarre videos, and seems to have a supervillain-level vendetta against Carter. Prepare yourself for the crazy.

This was the original video; at the All-Star Fan Fest, attendees can line up for free autographs from a number of retired players. As per the rules, the players will only sign specifically provided sheets of paper. This discourages professional autograph sellers...well, most of them.

Then another video was posted on his YouTube Account, "SHAMEONGARYCARTER." This one went up at 3 a.m. EDT, so even assuming he lives on the West Coast, he stayed up late at night, fuming and putting it together.

It's a clip from the Mike and Mike show from two years ago, where Carter apologized for publicly campaigning for the Mets' managerial job. He comes across as humble, embarrassed and level-headed. Our autograph hound titles it "Gary Carter...A Joke."

But he's not done. Just an hour ago, he posted his 7-minute magnum opus, entitled "GARY CARTER FU@K YOU PAY ME!"

Yes, it's seven minutes of him filming articles critical of Carter directly off his computer screen, interspersed with shots of a $100 bill. All set to the strains of the immortal Reggie Calloway's "I Wanna Be Rich."


What have we learned conclusively from the videos this man took the time to create and post today? That he doesn't have a job.

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