Once Hodish saw Method Man’s real name, Cliford Smith, Jr., he remembered the player he’d once coached.


“He was a physical player and a good part of our program,” said Hodish.

Still, Hodish was “surprised that an impression was made,” all those years ago.

Hodish, a recent inductee to the Long Island Lacrosse Hall of Fame, has spent years of his life coaching at the high school and youth level. A practicing lawyer, Hodish still carves out time to coach youth teams like he did in the 70s and 80s.


And, yes, he still keeps North Carolina in his coaching arsenal for the next talented midfielder.

“[Smith] obviously has a love for the game which I’m happy to say began in the early stages right here in Hempstead,” Hodish said. “I think that’s just an outstanding thing.”


After playing for coach Hodish, Smith Jr. moved to Shaolin, leaving lacrosse and his alter ego on Long Island.