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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We’ve Translated This Apoplectic Irish Soccer Fan's Rant For Those Not Fluent In Crazy-Speak

A few weeks ago, Juventus defeated Celtic 3-0 in Champions League play. Soon after, this video of a mildly distressed Celtic fan appeared on the internet. We do not know who this young woman is, and we do not have any idea what she is saying in this video, but we do know that her grief is very real and also very loud.


As we've done in the past, we've brought in Deadspin editor emeritus A.J. Daulerio to provide a phonetic translation of her anguish. The clip first plays on its own, and the subtitles begin at the :58 mark in the video above. Enjoy, ya balsters.

Note: The title of this post originally identified the fan as Scottish. We've been informed she's most certainly Northern Irish and have adjusted the headline accordingly.

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