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Yesterday, we posted a quicklink to The Faster Times's gallery of indie bros wearing NBA jerseys at the Pitchfork Festival. It's a fascinating phenomenon, a game even, as if they're actively trying to wear the most ridiculous NBA jersey imaginable.


I was discussing this last night—in Brooklyn, over PBRs, of course—when a friend rolled up wearing a Derek Harper Knicks jersey. Clearly, things are getting out of hand when even the NBA player most likely to be confused with Louis Gossett Jr. in Enemy Mine is involved.

So, we want you to find these jerseys in the wild. Head off to Williamsburg, Silver Lake, Bucktown or Pilsen, the Mission, anywhere in Austin, and other "hip" neighborhoods where this sort of behavior is occurring. Take pictures of these monsters and send them in so we can put up a (hopefully huge) gallery and you all can make pithy comments. The more ridiculous—Suns Jeff Hornacek, Nets P.J. Brown, anything Mark Eaton—the better. We'll vote on which one is the best—or worst—and send the winning tipster some variety of schwag. Capiche? And...go.

UPDATE: This project has been named "Look At This Fucking Hoopster." Carry on.

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