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Week In Deadspin: Contracting The Bensons

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• Officer Selig Fife is finally on the case.
"Bristol Is Big Ten Country"
George Mason Fever is a contagious condition, and if you don't stop scratching, it'll never go away.
• Way too much information from Roger Clemens and Peter King.
• The Duke lacrosse team story went from horrifying to "hey, let's just see what happens." It remained horrifying, though.
• You were there, when our lives changed forever.
• George Brett's sense of humor is stuck in the decade in which he played.
• Billy Packer's gonna be awesome broadcasting the George Mason game.
• No matter how much else is going on in the world, we will always have room for Kyle Orton around these parts.


That'll do it for us until Monday. The Mighty MJD has the unique pleasure of taking you through the Final Four games Saturday. We'll be back in time for Opening Day. Man. Monday's going to kind of rule. We'll see you then.

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