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Week In Deadspin: Hello, Horsehide

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• Florida won the national championship in a tremendously boring Final Four.
• Anna Benson renewed our faith in romance.
• We introduced the Daily Closer as baseball spread its yearly seed all over our loins yet again. It turned out not to be the best day for Derek Lowe.
• Beware of Jenn Sterger's father.
"Gonna Flyyyy Now ...."
• Jay Mariotti, bringing enemies together.
• Amazon is not very good at predictions.
• Ben Wallace, the blow-up doll.
• Strangely, Shawn Kemp has all kinds of pictures like this.
• Tell Derrick Turnbow how bad steroids are for you, and watch him laugh.
John Daly makes the world a better place for you, our children, our children's children.
• Brian Fuentes brings us closer to the Village People.
• Well, Roger, that's a little different than what the World Baseball Classic is supposed to teach you, but hey, whatever, sign with our team and we'll be fine.


Sorry, we're leaving a half-hour early today. Forgive us. This Cardinals game is depressing us. Enjoy The Mighty MJD all weekend, and we'll back Monday. Be safe.

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