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Week In Deadspin: Kornheisers On A Plane!

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• We started our NFL team previews.
• Kind of a downhill Canadian cycling version of "Bachelor No. 1."
Big week for Tony Kornheiser.
• Torii Hunter is so not into leather.
Kevin Brown, still a dick.
• With Whoever as our witness, we're gonna make sure as many people see this Denis Leary Red Sox video as possible.
All Joe Buck, all the time.
• Vince Papale's wife is a charming lady.
• Those NBA rookies are smooooooth.
• You, too, can simulate life as JJ Redick.
• One kickass baseball fight.
• We would absolutely see the Eisenreich movie.
• Dance, you fool ... DANCE!
• Travis Hafner is otherworldly powerful.
Good night, sweet Quickie.


Let's all hope Evander Holyfield survives the night, and we're not even kidding. The Mighty MJD will take you through the weekend. We're going to nap for about 50 straight hours now. We'll see you Monday.

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