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We're Only 99 44/100ths Percent Pure, Ourselves

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The woman on the left in this photo is Danika Schroeter. She finished second in the Canadian downhill mountain biking championships last week, finishing just one second behind Michelle Dumaresq. Dumaresq is the woman in the middle. The lady on the right ... we don't know who the lady on the right is. She's not really important right now.

Dumaresq, the one in the middle, has won the title three years in a row, and this was obviously getting to Schroeter (and her boyfriend). You see, Schroeter and her flame believe Dumaresq has an unfair advantage: She used to be a man. (This is something we always learn just too late.) So Schroeter's boyfriend ran up to the podium and asked her to wear that T-shirt, which said, "100 Percent Pure Woman Champ." Which was probably a reference to Dumaresq's former possession of a penis. Though he might have meant that Schroeter was a virgin. Though we DOUBT THAT.


Anyway, the audience started screaming expletives at Dumaresq, goaded by the shirt apparently, and Schroeter was subsequently was served by the Canadian Cycling Association with a three-month suspension. That might seem a bit harsh, but hey, that's life in Canadian women's downhill mountain cycling.

100% Pure Woman Champ 2006 [There's Your Karma, Ripe As Peaches]

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