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We were kind of into the NCAA tournament around here this week. And as you can tell from this picture, so was Northwestern State. (Though, uh, watch that hand, buddy.)

• We did previews of every team in the tournament.
• We made you a big NCAA preview guide that took way too long in the kitchen, but was still well worth it.
• We made predictions, which we hate to do.
• We even let you know about the March Madness drinking game.
• And we live-blogged like maniacs.

But that wasn't all!

• Bugs Bunny: More dominant than Barry Bonds, and without the Mexican beans.
• Uh, sure, if you want to call that a scoop, you can, we guess.
• The political leanings of all your favorite sports stars. (Oh, and A-Rod and Isiah Thomas as well.)
• Team USA said good night, Gracie.
• The tragedy with how the lesbian cheerleading saga ended is that it ever had to end at all.


Whew. This week has left us woozy. But it was well worth it. The Mighty MJD is about to have a wonderful weekend blogging the second round around these parts. We highly recommend checking him out while screaming at the television.

Our favorite quote, from a reader, summing up the glory of the first weekend of the NCAA tournament:

Sitting here in the Sacramento airport Gordon Biersch lounge, the place packed right at the end of the Iowa game. The Northwestern St. guy hits the shot, the whole place goes nuts, people rushing into the bar to see what happened, then everyone scatters back to their flights. Awesome.


Amen. Enjoy the weekend.