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Kansas City at Denver (CBS): The Broncos and Chiefs both have something at stake today and if they get on the same page, they can both be successful. If the Broncos win they seal up a first round bye and the Chiefs seal up the first pick in the draft. The Colts also threw the Broncos a bone as they beat the Texans and a Houston loss coupled with a Broncos win gives Denver the top seed.


Oakland at San Diego (CBS): Norv Turner, ladies and gentleman:

"As I said to our team, probably four or five weeks ago, this is really an outstanding group of people, aside from what they are as football players.

Philip Rivers also said things that are factual:

"We're in the same division and we're located rather closely to one another," Philip Rivers told the Chargers' official website. "It goes back a long time.


Terrelle Pryor will get the start for the Raiders for an injured Carson Palmer. Hey, remember when the Raiders drafted Terrelle Pryor? Wild stuff.

St. Louis at Seattle (FOX): With a win, the Rams can post their first winning season in nine years. It's looking like that will have to be a 10 year record. They're playing in Seattle and the Seahawks have something to play for. Depending on various outcomes, they Seahawks can wind up anywhere from the #3 seed to the #5 seed. Winning means a better seeding, natch.

Green Bay at Minnesota (FOX): The Vikings officially need to win this game to get into the playoffs. Both the Giants and Bears won, cutting off that backdoor entrance to the wild card. The Packers on the other hand need a win to earn a first round bye (but can also get it with an unlikely 49ers loss). There is also the small matter of Adrian Peterson's quest to break Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record, a record Dickerson desperately wants to keep.


Miami at New England (CBS): The Colts also helped out the Pats who could now play for the #2 seed, or, if the Broncos also lose, they could wind up the #1 seed in the AFC. Which would just be the most New England Patriots-y thing ever. Also, Gronk is back!

Arizona at San Francisco (FOX): Brian Hoyer will start over John Skelton for the Cardin[head explodes]

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