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Welcome To Boston, Matsuzaka (Maybe)

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Tonight, about 8 p.m. Eastern, Japanese non-gyroball thrower Daisuke Matsuzaka could announce which team has won the bid to win the rights to bid for his services. The whole situation has been tinged with rumors of malfeasance in the bidding process, but the clubhouse leaders at this point: The Boston Red Sox, who have been considered favorites from early on in the process. Matsuzaka's agent is Scott Boras, of course, so you know how that goes.

We were curious, though, if Matsuzaka, uh, has any idea what he's in for. We don't deny that Boston is as beautiful a place on earth to play when matters are going well, but when they're not, well ... we just wonder if Boras has taken the time to explain what exactly the history is of each of the teams bidding for his services. Not to say that Matsuzaka is clueless about American baseball, but, on the whole, we're just hope he knows what he's getting himself into. Not that Yankee Stadium wouldn't be fun either ...


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