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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Praise Jesus, Adonai, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Yaweh, Zeus, Odin, Bill Brasky, and their father, Tim Tebow. The NFL Playoffs arrive today and my preferred team will be kicking things off in about four hours. Seattle have the honor of hosting the early game and the weather is about what you'd expect. The C-Hox ran through the NFC West behind a wide-open passing game and an attacking defense, but now they'll face a stifling Washington defense. And how 'bout them Redskins?! They've been playing lights out the past month and today they'll get another chance at a playoff win in Seattle. Continue after the jump to read about the early front-runner for Cockbag Columnist of the Year, The News Tribune's John McGrath of Tacoma, Washington (via Mister Irrelevant).

As the Washington Redskins continue their very public grieving over murdered teammate Sean Taylor, the distinction between mourning the dead and exploiting the dead is becoming ever more blurry ...

The solemn dignity of the Missing Man tribute has devolved into a maudlin circus that's turned Taylor from a tragic figure into the patron saint of an improbable Super Bowl contender ...


It goes on—and gets worse—from there, but I'm going to spare you the excessive block quoting and allow you to read the whole thing for yourselves. I guess the best thing you can say about the guy is that it takes pretty big balls to accuse Sean Taylor's closest friends of exploiting his death. That's reaching up to Mariotti levels of douchery.

Columnist Claims Redskins Exploit Taylor

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