We're back and better than ever for week eight. It is the dreaded bye week for me, but for the rest of you The Search for the Ravens offense begins now. Join us below.

Arizona at Baltimore (FOX): The Ravens offense looks to get a fast start after a nice rest on its much-needed bye week. Meanwhile, Andy Reid gets a lot of guff, but he got more than a bag of balls for Kevin Kolb. So, there's a feather in his cap.

Minnesota at Carolina (FOX): Purple Jesus and Some Kind of Electric/Neon Blue Jesus are the stars in this one as the Vikings visit the Panthers. Here's an interesting story about the two quarterbacks in this game and....Chris Weinke. "Weinke knows about athleticism, being one of the best college quarterbacks in history, but, well, these two guys ... they might even put him to shame." Yeah, their athleticism is what may put Weinke to shame.

Jacksonville at Houston (CBS): Today in "Yep, Sounds About Right" Headlines: Josh Scobee Remains Perfect This Season, Proves To Be Jaguars' Main Scoring Threat. Also, Andre Johnson is out again.

Miami at NY Giants (CBS): Chris Snee had a bit of fun at Eli's expense the other day. It's just a shame you can't see Hakeem Nicks holding an Eli puppet in the alternate red jersey on his other shoulder whispering " Just throw it up—I'm open, I'm open!" Oh yeah, the Dolphins may play in this game, too.


New Orleans at St. Louis (FOX): Head coach of the St. Louis Rams, Steve Spagnuolo, made his bones on the defensive side of the ball. Although he's had a tough go of it in St. Louis, he's got the perfect game plan for today. Through contacts he has in the Mayor's office, he was able to close all the beefy mac, hamburger and/or spaghetti establishments in the city for the entire weekend.

Indianapolis at Tennessee (CBS): Peyton Manning. Such an enormous influence on both regions involved in this game. For Indy, he gave them a perennial winner and a Super Bowl. For Tennessee, he made sure some Americans know that it is a State, most likely somewhere in the contiguous United States. He probably did not teach them what contiguous means, though. And now, without him, look what we are left with.


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