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Well, It's Not That Big A Deal If You Miss This One

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This, it's safe to say, is not one of those night when we're banging our head against the wall for not having the NFL Network. (We're far more concerned about missing the Rutgers bowl game.) The Steelers and the Browns, two teams long since removed from the playoff picture, go head to head tonight, and it's up to Cris Collinsworth and Bryant Gumbel — who hopefully will rip into Gene Upshaw again or something — to keep our interest. We're not holding our breath.

That said, there's always the possibility that it will snow, and snow makes it feel like it's truly the holiday season, as if the general increase in your stress level hadn't reminded you of that already.


Anyway, if you want to enjoy this game in a virtual, real-time (mostly) commenting environment, hang out here and let your freak flag fly. See what you can do to maximize your level of mirth, and hopefully Roethlisberger's head won't fly off or something. Have fun!

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