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Well, That Answers That Question, Definitively

Remember that idiot who jumped onto the netting behind home plate at Yankee Stadium a year ago, hanging up there and looking like a scared, brittle foal?

Well, he pled guilty to reckless endangerment yesterday and has been permanently banned from the stadium.

Scott Harper pleaded guilty yesterday to reckless endangerment a year to the day after he jumped at the New York Yankees' Bronx stadium. District Attorney Robert Johnson recommended probation and restitution to the Yankees, but Harper rejected the deal. The District Attorney's Office recommended 30 days in jail; Harper had faced up to a year. He also had been charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.


We remain, a year later, amazed and impressed by Harper's stunt, which happened because he told friends he was going to test the net to see if it would hold his weight. Though the logic in actually testing this, in practice, might be suspect, we won't lie: We had always wondered too.

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