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After an completely exhausting first afternoon of NCAA basketball, it seems amazing we've only ridded ourselves of seven teams so far. That's it? Yipes. Fifty-six teams still to go down. We're not even close to having survived this.

Anyway, we hope everyone enjoyed our noon live blog and our afternoon live blog. (We suggest you read bottom up; it'll make more sense that way.)

We're going to be back at it tomorrow, but as for tonight, we're off to change out of our suit and into our Jamar Smith jersey. It's coming an hour later than it was supposed to, but no matter: We are going to try to resist the temptation to paint our face, and it is possible that we might fail.

Go Illini; otherwise, tomorrow's live blogs are going to be aggressively grouchy. But we'll see you then; we're glad you all made it.


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