The Hawks absolutely deserve credit for rallying in this series. Young keeps getting better and somehow more confident, Collins picks his spots and doesn’t miss, Capela does the dirty work on the glass, and veterans like Danilo Gallinari and Lou Williams are tremendous in their roles… but this is really about Philadelphia collapsing, not only in Game 5, but also Game 4, when the 76ers made one field goal in the final nine minutes and had a brutal final possession on which Shake Milton looked as confused as everyone else about why he had the ball in his hands with six seconds left.


But the real stunner, even though it was the series that I thought had the biggest chance of turning into something dramatic, is Clippers-Jazz.

“Utah isn’t losing four straight,” I wrote.

That’s now one game away from happening.

“With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George (himself Middletonian in the ability to toss in a playoff clunker), the Clippers can make Utah sweat,” I wrote.


Leonard hurt his knee, and given the full spotlight, George did the absolute opposite of throwing in a clunker. On the road, in a game Los Angeles trailed by double digits, the Olympic gold medalist forever dismissed his doubters by pouring in 37 points with 16 rebounds and five assists. It also needs to be noted that Reggie Jackson has been phenomenal in this series to pull the Clippers within a win of their first-ever conference finals appearance.

They certainly have the momentum, as do the Hawks, with both looking to complete upsets of top seeds in home games on Friday. After the way the last week has unfolded, though, I’m not gonna make any kind of assumptions or predictions about it. Having not expected either of these Game 6s to happen, it’ll be best to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the quickly-developed drama.