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If you’re interested in the vector of virality, you’ll surely find interest in this New York magazine story on a video of an eighth-grader faceplanting at a track meet a full year ago, but the video itself not blowing up until a new friend decided to Tweet it out this weekend.

If you’re interested in reliving middle school humiliation at a safe remove, the NYMag story has you covered too:

Kroge explained: “I don’t really know, I was super nervous. A bunch of girls that didn’t like me were there so I was going to impress them.” She and Cornelius dissolved into giggles. “After I fell, at the end, when I am looking back,” Kroge continued, “you can hear my dad and he’s screaming at me to run.” Kroge finished the race, but came in last.


But if you’re just here to watch a teen girl eat asphalt, hard, twice, go nuts:

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