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It's always amusing when Boston elderly punk David Wells pops off, but we have a suspicion that when he verbally attacked commissioner Bud Selig after his six-game suspension for bumping an umpire was upheld, he might have got himself in some real trouble this time.

Choice quotes:

"I don't know what the point was even having a hearing. They said I clearly bumped him and sprayed him with spit. That's coming from a guy that works for the commissioner, so what can you do?"

"I've been tested [for steroids] three times this year, but it's obvious that there's guys getting away with doing it," Wells said. "And he's not doing a thing."

"In the Palmeiro case . . . from what I understand from a few sources, (Selig) said, 'Let's just wait until the Hall of Fame (induction) is over and then we'll suspend (him).' That's what I heard," Wells said. "He probably did it because he didn't want the Hall of Famers or electees to have to answer questions about steroids because its a distraction."

We were all thinking the same thing, obviously ... but Bud Selig isn't our boss.

Appeal Is Upheld; Wells Is Irate [Boston Globe]