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Do you like sports and math and science? If so, we may have a job for you.

Deadspin is hiring an analytics editor, someone capable of and interested in making sense of the impact the data revolution is having on sports and using analytics to inform and entertain readers. Figuring out just how to do so is the first job this person will have; we have our own thoughts on the matter and in a lot of ways are principally interested in the actual, working-level use of analytics, but are open to a variety of approaches and ideas.


You can read more about it (and apply!) here, where you’ll read the following job description:

Deadspin, Gizmodo Media Group’s sports site, is looking for an Analytics Editor to develop our coverage of sports analytics and the uses to which they’re put. This is a swing role, for someone equally capable of and enthusiastic about writing their own reported features and analysis, working with our staff, and commissioning from freelancers.

While the precise nature of the job will depend on what the candidate wants to do with it, we’re generally more interested in granular analysis of what teams and athletes are actually doing than in broader-gauge analysis of how well they’re doing. Most of all, we’re interested in how teams and athletes are using the wealth of information the data revolution has made available to them. The ideal candidate, at any rate, will be able to articulate a skeptical, big-picture vision of how analytics are shaping sports, what the field is missing, and how this can be communicated to readers.

Basic familiarity with the NFL, NBA, MLB, European club soccer, international soccer, NCAA revenue sports, and hockey, with expertise in several of these, is a requirement for this position. Esports knowledge is a strong plus, and sports business, tennis, cycling, boxing, and MMA are also areas of serious interest for us. Additionally, the ideal candidate will have five or more years experience in journalism, with two or more in an editing role.

If you’re interested in the position, please write a memo outlining your vision of how analytics are shaping sports and how they should be covered, including three to five ideas for anything from one-off features to ongoing stories, and how you would write about or commission coverage of them.

Deadspin and our sister sites are hiring for more than two dozen good, unionized jobs right now covering all sorts of skills and interests; check out the listings for yourself, or pass them on to a friend (or enemy).

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