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It was TheStarterWife who said things were totally different on this side of the wall, and all I can add to that is "ain't that the fucking truth." But we've learned a few things that we'll be sure to apply toward tomorrow's festivities. First of all, we realize that Nibbles really is a delicate flower, and has to be nurtured and not scolded. I don't give a shit what Iracane said, Nibbles is real! We were playing some Hold Em in the breakroom and that son of a bitch sucked out a boat to beat my king-high flush. Never play poker with a hamster, people.

Also, we nearly broke the site. Yeah, those French maids are stuck there for now, I'm afraid. One other thing we learned today: Never promise tits. Ever. I don't know what the hell got into your people today, I think we could have thrown up posts consisting of nothing but "Fuck shit ass" repeating and received identical feedback, from you, the commentarrazi. Hopefully you've kept your burgeoning loins in tow for the circle jerk that has become the proud lonely blogger's tradition of DUAN. Deadspin, Up Until Andrea Goes To Bed.


But we are having a blast, and we've got much more for you tomorrow. As for tonight, as if you sweet fuckers needed something to get you in the mood, Uncle Punter's got you covered. It's an old classic around these parts, but I know you'll enjoy it just as much as I have. Until tomorrow, then.

Peace out.

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