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Well, the most exciting graphical representation of a mathematical application has now been unleashed upon us. The NCAA Tournament is finally here. We're going to be looking at different sections of the bracket today, but first we'd like to talk about two people: Billy Packer and Joe Lunardi.

First, Packer. The CBS broadcaster has us concerned. He seemed disoriented and confused during the bracket unveiling yesterday, calling out the Wisconsin-Arizona matchup before it was announced and, bizarrely, railing against the Selection Committee for his supposed bias toward small-conference teams. (You know, in the same way Utah has a bias toward black people.) Packer has been insane for a while now, but we're considering him kind of Junior Soprano-style dangerous. We're a year or two away from an unhinged, on-air racist rant.

Then, Lunardi. Ah, Joe. After a weekend of singing the praises of Missouri State, Cincinnati and the Missouri Valley Conference โ€” and being openly mocked by Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas โ€” he obviously hoped for vindication when the bracket came out. Didn't happen; it was Lunardi's worst prediction year since he started at ESPN. (By far.) The result: This morning, we can't find a single mention of Lunardi on Did Norby have him shot?

Anyway, you're not gonna be lacking in tournament fun around here, but for now, just to get you warmed up, we cordially invite you to join the official Deadspin NCAA Pool. We had to use ESPN's game, because we anticipated more than the 50 Yahoo allows. So come in, and play; first place in the pool wins all kinds of things we have lying around the apartment.

Deadspin NCAA Pool [ESPN]