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We're Sorry Your Blog Won't Get Mentioned On SportsCenter Anymore

In case you hadn't noticed, ESPN has ended their morning "Blog Buzz" feature, which was their way of sweet talking the three-dimensional circle of sports blogs. They stopped broadcasting it....let's see...a little over two weeks ago. That's weird, right?

Sports Media Challenge, which helped produce the segment for SportsCenter every weekday since April, says they had a six-month contract that simply expired, but that they will continue working with ESPN to create other online, social media-type stuff for the network's other properties. But if you're an up-and-coming young sports blogger who has been dying to hear Sage Steele read a pithy quote from one of your posts on the air ... it's not happening. Yeah, sorry about that.


Sports Media Challenge - Training and Consulting for Sports Personalities [SMC]

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