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We've Just Mailed Out Our First Super Bowl XLV Bounty Hunt Check For This Jimmy Johnson Photo

A pleasant reader named Noah emailed us in with an offer for a photo of Jimmy Johnson stocking up at a Dallas liquor store as part of our XLV Bounty Hunt stupidity. We gave him an offer. He accepted.


So congratulations Noah. Your check for .78 will be mailed out shortly.


Now some things to cram in your brain. Yes, Monday, at 6 a.m., Deadspin will be going through the site-wide metamorphosis you may have seen on io9, Jalopnik and GawkerTV. I expect many of you will be displeased by it. I'll be handling most of the distress calls that day and forwarding them along to the Redesign Complaints Department set up at Gawker HQ.

Advertisement patient. It's as much of an adjustment for us as it is for you and we'll have to get used to it together and make it work. The one immediate benefit of Deadspin going this direction is that it will give us more of an opportunity to show off the fantastic visual stylings of our guy Jim Cooke.


So let's all hold hands and go through this transition together. Like a family.

Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Even if you hate that thing we do sometimes.

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