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What Are These Symbols On The Mound At Busch Stadium?

The (St. Louis) Riverfront Times writes today about a pair of symbols scrawled into the mound at Busch Stadium, with a handful of pictures taken of a TV serving as evidence. We investigated, and, sure enough, they have definitely been there for at least a month. But what are they? (Hint: It's obvious.)

Here's May 17:


May 18:

May 19:


May 29:


June 5:


Those look pretty clearly like a cross and a 6, which makes sense, given that St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Derrick Goold did a little rooting around and found out that the symbols are, in fact, a cross and a 6 (in honor of the late Stan Musial, naturally), and are stenciled in by the grounds crew before every game.

The Riverfront Times letter-writer and tipster, Michael Vines, thinks that the 6 is the Christian fish symbol—the ichthys or the "Jesus Fish," depending on how far south of the Mason-Dixon you are and how many theology classes you've taken—and he's pretty clearly wrong about that. But he argues persuasively that the cross is, as a bit of "religious iconography," inappropriate for a "civic institution" like Busch Stadium, which is partially supported by public funds despite being privately owned. Let us pray that he doesn't catch wind of Christian Day, scheduled for July 7, in which one of the stars of Duck Dynasty will speak at Busch, and "current Cardinals players will also participate in the post-game outreach event."



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