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What Could Be The Greatest Sports Story Ever

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The man you see in this picture is Kevin Rogers. A football lifer, he is most famous for being Donovan McNabb's quarterback coach at Syracuse. He and his wife Betty are the parents of three. Earlier today, Rogers was hired by new coach Brad Childress to become the quarterbacks coach for the Minnesota Vikings. For the last four years, Rogers was the quarterbacks coach at Virginia Tech.

OK. Now let that rattle around your brain there for a moment. The guy who coached Marcus Vick for the last three years is heading to the Minnesota Vikings. Marcus Vick's coach is going to the land of 1,000 sex boats. Which means it's possible — if you can possible handle this — that the Vikings could draft Vick, and he could be a part of next year's rookie hazing, and well, criminy, that would be just about the most amazing thing that has ever happened.


Aw, man, what if they drafted Tavares Gooden? The world would be like "Playmakers!" Lawrence Taylor and Joe Namath could coach! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let this happen.

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