We've already highlighted the extraordinary work and original reporting being done on the Penn State sex abuse case by Sara Ganim and her colleagues at the Patriot-News of Harrisburg. But we feel the need to do it again, since Ganim has now written a single narrative that lays out who seemed to know what, when they knew it, and what they've had to say about it from the beginning. Here's a glimpse, which Ganim takes pains to explain in much greater detail:

According to the grand jury, then, here is how McQueary's eyewitness account became watered down at each stage:

McQueary: anal rape.
Paterno: something of a sexual nature.
Schultz: inappropriately grabbing of the young boy's genitals.
Curley: inappropriate conduct or horsing around.
Spanier: conduct that made someone uncomfortable.
Raykovitz: a ban on bringing kids to the locker room.


Any questions? Read this. [PennLive]

[Photo via AP]