What does it take for the Seattle Mariners to get a starting All-Star spot?

Seattle’s Julio Rodríguez has been snubbed, and I want you to be as upset about it as I am

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Julio Rodríguez
Julio Rodríguez
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Come on, MLB fans. Take a seat at the dinner table. We’re going to have a little chat. I’m not mad, just disappointed.

I had a little look-see at the All-Star Ballot Finals update, or should I say, the MLB fandom’s report card, and I have some thoughts, mainly about the Seattle Mariners. Like I said, I’m not mad. After all, I fall into the MLB fandom, so really I’m just disappointed in myself that I didn’t write something sooner about both Seattle’s Julio Rodríguez. He doesn’t just deserve to be on the All-Star team come July 19, he deserves to be a starter—and he’s not even going to get a chance.

Let’s do a blind resumé review, shall we? It’s one of my favorite games to play. I’m going to show you three players and their stats. You tell me which of them most deserves to be an All-Star. (All stats and rankings are accumulated from FanGraphs 2022 leaderboards)


Player A

.250 average (15th among AL outfielders)

.333 on-base percentage (13th)

.474 slugging percentage (8th)

.348 weighted on-base average (8th)

125 weighted runs created-plus (11th)

68 hits (17th)

15 home runs (T-7th)

47 runs scored (5th)

38 RBI (13th)

30 walks (13th)

8 stolen bases (9th)

Player B

.277 average (8th)

.336 on-base percentage (12th)

.487 slugging percentage (6th)

.355 weighted on-base average (T-6th)

139 weighted runs created-plus (6th)

86 hits (2nd)

15 home runs (T-7th)

48 runs scored (4th)

43 RBI (8th)

23 walks (17th)

21 stolen bases (1st)

Player C

.241 average (19th)

.324 on-base percentage (17th)

.510 slugging percentage (5th)

.355 weighted on-base average (T-6th)

134 weighted runs created-plus (7th)

58 hits (22nd)

20 home runs (5th)

31 runs (22nd)

53 RBI (4th)

31 walks (10th)

0 stolen bases (N/A)

Who would you choose here? Let’s get one thing clear, no one in their right mind is choosing Player A, right? He doesn’t lead in any of these categories. Let’s throw him out. It’s between Players B & C. Now, you might look at the raw power of Player C and think it’s a no-brainer, but Player B isn’t that far behind. He’s two are pretty comparable in terms of offensive prowess. According to metrics like weighted runs created-plus and weighted on-base average, Player B might even have a slight edge. He’s clearly got better base stats. More hits, more stolen bases, more runs, and nearly as many RBIs despite playing for a much worse team.

I’m sure you could tell by the way I worded that last paragraph, but Player B is Julio Rodríguez and Player C is Giancarlo Stanton. Player A is George Springer. Both Stanton and Springer earned finalist bids for the remaining two starting All-Star spots (Aaron Judge already secured his spot by earning the most votes of anyone in the American League). With Mike Trout leading the final phase of voting thus all but ensuring he’ll be named an All-Star starter, Stanton and Springer are currently neck and neck vying for the third and final starting outfield spot. Stanton currently has 22 percent of the vote, while Springer has 21. It’s close, but neither deserves the spot over Rodríguez. YOU HEAR ME?! Give me Rodríguez over Stanton and Springer every day of the week!


The Seattle Mariners haven’t had a starter in the All-Star Game since 2015 when Nelson Cruz started as the team’s DH. Since 2010, they’ve only had four All-Star starters—and none of them still play for the team. This team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2001. Since the inception of their franchise, the Seattle Mariners have suffered more ruptured testicles (5) than playoff appearances (4). Let’s cut the Mariners a break, huh? Give the fans in the Pacific Northwest something to be happy about.

I never root for injuries, but I pray that someone either Trout, Judge, or one of Stanton or Springer steps away from the All-Star Game, because Rodríguez deserves the recognition that I, and many baseball fans, failed to give him. Since he can’t start, he better damn well be the first outfield replacement out of the dugout, or so help me God, I will rain napalm on Dusty Baker. And by that I mean, I will send out one harshly-worded tweet. Do you want that on your conscience Dusty? Didn’t think so. Do the right thing.