What Happens When ESPN Accidentally Allows Write-In Votes On A Facebook Poll

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Open Facebook polls are one of the underrated treasures of the internet. Instead of being bound to the only "logical" or "possible" answers, ESPN allowed fans' imaginations to run wild. Asking who will win tonight's Home Run Derby, ESPN didn't limit voters to just eight boring choices—and lo, Josh Hamilton is currently polling fifth, despite not actually being a part of the contest. David Ortiz and Brian Scalabrine also crack the top ten, despite their not taking part and not being a baseball player, respectively.

(Scalabrine had impressive support the last time a Facebook poll was accidentally left open, and in that case, the only rational answers were numbers.)


"That's a clown question bro," also has a respectable vote total, just ahead of the Holy Trinity of Tim Tebow, Chuck Norris, and Batman. Dark horses include Herp Derpson, the European Union, a Flying Prolapsed Unicorn, and "who cares." And this being the ESPN.com/Facebook crossover audience, there are supporters of "my dick," "my cock," and two separate entries for "my penis."


Democracy works again.

H/t to Will and Wade