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As you know, shopping is a migraine. It is a brutal conglomeration of terrible parking spots, high prices, slow-moving old people, heavy bags, and shoddy merchandise. But which store is the worst of them all? Which store—and we’re talking about any store that sells any type of good—is the one that brings out your inner sitcom dad? Which one makes you pout, and roll your eyes, and pray for salvation, and why is that store Home Goods? My friends, that is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

I know it’s hard to believe there could be more than that, and yet, there is. Yes, Tom Ley drops by the ‘cast to RIFF with me about the U.S. soccer team, the baseball playoffs, the NFL, The Last Jedi, and we answer YOUR Funbag questions about the Mad Pooper, eating alone, Halloween costumes for babies, and more.

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