Seems like there are a lot of scuffles outside of nightclubs these days. And more and more, it seems like these scuffles are accompanied by someone pulling out a gun and shooting it into the air ... because nothing defuses a situation better than spontaneous gunfire.

We call it the Stephen Jackson method of self-defense. First, it was Sue, then our hero Jack, and now, Ronnie Wilson, a Florida Gators offensive lineman.

Suspended University of Florida offensive lineman Ronnie Wilson will face a pair of misdemeanor charges stemming from an April incident in which he was arrested and accused of firing an AK-47 rifle into the air to scare a man who had followed Wilson in his car after the men fought in a nightclub.

Why can't nightclub fights just be nightclub fights? What purpose behind a nightclub fight is so noble and just that it must be continue out beyond club doors? How many nightclub fights start for good reasons? Someone stepped on your shoe? Someone accidentally bumped into your Heineken? Someone was staring at your girl's ass? It's a nice ass, man, let it go.


So, yeah ... Mr. Wilson ends up with just misdemeanor charges. I know he didn't hurt anyone, and maybe it was a total act of self-defense, but I'm pretty firmly against the idea of anyone driving around with an AK-47 in their trunk. Either the gun, or Andrei Kirilenko.

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