What, No Retractable Roof?

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OK, this is quite possibly, as the builders claim, the most excellent snack food stadium ever built. But we still have questions. Such as: Was it publicly or privately financed?

Photos right here of how the stadium was constructed ... I especially admire the use of bacon. In case you were wondering:

TOTAL COST: $86.47

The folks at Holy Taco, who built it, emailed us earlier today:

Yeah, we're pretty proud of the Stadium. (Probably a little too proud.) We were considering a retractable roof, but ran out of Twinkies. You would think 58 Twinkies would be enough, but it looks like we would've needed about 90 to build a replica of a Jerry Jones-style stadium. The only injury occurred at the end of the process. Once we'd taken all the photos, we let everyone who works in our office dig into it. At that point our intern, Noah, devoured eight of the Twinkies in five minutes. He had to sit down for a little while. — Cory


Oh, almost forgot the best part. Sausage Blimp.


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