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What Ron Mexico Is Jamming To

As our man Ron Mexico continues to sort out his various legal difficulties, we smile as WBRS Sports Blog digs up an old Michael Vick iTunes playlist, from back in those days in which Michael Vick was considered the most marketable name in the NFL.

13. "Air It Out"- Jadakiss: "Just when I'm hangin' in the backyard with my pitbulls." OK, this one is just insulting to your dogs and my intelligence. I mean, really? You expect us all to believe that you play this song while you're cuddling Ripper in the backyard? I know for a fact, Mr. Vick, that this is the song you have used to train Ripper, Pavlov-style, to thirst for doggie throat.


We would actually like to know an appropriate backing soundtrack for dog fighting. We imagine Staind or something similarly grueling.

Michael Vick Just Makes It Too Easy [WBRS Sports Blog]

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