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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

What’s On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and so we have decided to treat you to a very special Thanksgiving DEADCAST that is about food and only food. Turkey! Mashed tubers! Stuffin’! Other KINDS of stuffin’! Yes, we here enjoy gorging on food both literally AND conversationally, so let’s do that. And if you’re a good little boy or girl, Marchman and I might share some TOP SECRET cooking tips with you!

But wait, could there be more? Listener, there is not. This week, it’s NOTHING but food talk and your Thanksgiving questions about Thanksgiving pizza, apple pies, party gifts, and other food matters.

You can also listen at iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Spotify, NPR One, Apple Podcasts, or GooglePlay. And don’t forget to email us tips and/or general complaints at Have fun out there, and safe travels for the holiday!

Drew Magary is a Deadspin columnist and columnist for GEN magazine. You can buy Drew's second novel, The Hike, through here.

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