What’s Your Most Embarrassing Sex Story?

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We’ve all got one.

Back in November, Tina Horn, the host of the show Why Are People Into That?!, joined me on the Cleancast to answer some questions about, well, how people who pee on other people pee on each other without getting pee everywhere. Our conversation didn’t end there, as we recorded a second episode in which Tina talked with me about what’s it’s like to be a Clean Person with a very dirty mind.


Here’s what I covered in this special Ask a Clean Person/Why Are People Into That?! crossover episode:

  • Why you should always use Cool Whip, not whipped cream, for food play;
  • How to clean up after period sex;
  • Treating lube stains, and the pros and cons of water-based versus silicone lubes;
  • How to clean a leather strap-on harness and other leather goods;
  • The basics of cleaning sex toys and their carrying cases;
  • Preparing for anal sex in order to reduce the chance of an accident happening during the act;
  • How to handle it if a mess happens to you or your partner during sex.

This week, as a gift to my listeners to get 2018 started off right, I unlocked a bonus episode for everyone to check out. It’s one of my very favorite of the bonus eps, when Team Jalopnik joined me to nerd out in the special way we do because we’re all enthusiasts at our core. Raph and Ballaban got to share a bunch of stories about the people they met while filming their show Car vs. America and it was just a delight. I hope you guys enjoy it and will consider subscribing to the bonus episodes on Patreon!


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