How much is a Snapchat account worth to an NFL franchise? We got a peek into some recent negotiations between the Buffalo Bills and a fan using the "BuffaloBills" handle on the messaging app. The answer apparently lies somewhere between four field passes and a handshake from Jim Kelly.

For the uninitiated, messages sent via Snapchat are sort of like those self-destructing briefing tapes on the old Mission: Impossible TV show, but for penis photos. What the Bills want to do with a Snapchat account is anyone's guess, but nevertheless, in June, someone from the team reached out to a Bills fan named Cory, who'd been quick enough to register "BuffaloBills" as his username. The team wanted to know if Cory would be willing to hand over the name. How much is it worth to you, Cory wanted to know.

The marketing rep's opening offer was an autographed mini helmet and possibly postgame on-field passes:

Cory wasn't impressed. He's a season-ticket holder; he can get autographs without any problem. On his next play, Cory attempted to stretch the field.


Cory's deep throw was swatted out of bounds. Premium tickets—or tickets of any kind, apparently—were out of the question. In response, he asked for four pregame on-field passes and an autographed jersey. A reply came in the middle of July:


The offer was sweetened, but it still wasn't sweet enough. Cory threw up one more Hail Mary: He wanted the king of the K-Gun himself.

The Bills' rep stopped responding after that. Cory knows he could go crawling back and accept an earlier offer, but he's now got his heart set.


"I plan on keeping the name until they give me a reasonable offer," Cory tells us in an email. "Once the offer is right, a signed Jim Kelly Jersey, I would be more than happy to give it to them. I love the Buffalo Bills."

Here's the full exchange:


Photo: AP