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What The Hell Is Going On During This Burt Reynolds Interview?

So, Burt Reynolds is getting interviewed. That sort of thing happens all the time. But then he starts antagonizing the interviewer. There's laughter—some of it forced—and eventually a question's repeated while two guys carrying a body try to get by.

What is going on here? Here's what we know based on this report from This was at a fundraiser for BRIFT, the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theater. The event was held in the Palm Gardens, Fla., Sak's Fifth Avenue, and the theme of the event was "Crime of Fashion." Yes, it was a murder mystery in a department store. All in all, it was probably a lovely way to spend an evening.


But why is Burt Reynolds being such a dick to the reporter? Sure, "What's tonight mean for you to have all these people out here?" isn't the most clear of sentences, especially when the question is directed at Jack Freaking Horner, but it's no reason to ask if the guy is "normally a sportscaster" (what does that even mean?) and do a Mushmouth impression after taking the guy's mic away. The guy drew the shitty assignment of having to go get B-roll and interviews at the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theater's annual fundraiser at a department store. Cut him some slack, Burt Reynolds. Also, "announciate" is not a word.

Lastly, we come to the body. Or is it a body? The torso seems very thin—or wrapped in a sheet—and we never see a head. But those are definitely legs we see. What is fishy is how the guys who are holding what we'll say right now is a body seem to wait for a signal to go on with their carrying: They stop; they hold for a few seconds; one looks straight into the camera; and then they rather loudly come through the hallway. Now, are these guys BRIFT actors who are taking a prop body somewhere or are they security guards who decided they didn't have the patience to wait for this awkward interview to end? If they aren't involved in the production though, what the hell are they carrying? You've got some questions to answer, guy from Cannonball Run II.

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