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What They Did On Their Day Off

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Though the woman in this photo apparently didn't get the memo, anyone in the New York City area yesterday, when not preoccupied with planes coming out of the sky and Alec Baldwin all full of bustle, knew there wasn't going to be a NLCS game last night. It was pouring rain and was just getting worse. Frankly, we have a little bit of concern about tonight's game too.

But nevertheless, the Cardinals, the Mets and the FOX crew all had a free rainy night in New York City, and Joe Sports Fan hypothesized how some of them might have spent their evening.

David Eckstein - Walked around Times Square, wearing his newly purchased styrofoam Statue of Liberty hat and hit every single spot on his "Explore New York" tour map.

Jim Edmonds - Four words. Shop till you drop.

David Wright - Put on his leather bomber jacket and headed to the diner to share an apple pie and a malt with his girl, then caught a movie at the drive-in.

Albert Pujols - Put his full uniform on, spikes and eye black included, and stared at a picture of Tom Glavine for six consecutive hours without blinking.


By the way, we think it's absolutely insane that MLB and FOX still haven't announced the time for tomorrow's game. (It's still TBA.) The logical answer is to have the game at 4:30 — not only so we don't have to switch between FOX and f/x, but alos because both teams have a flight to St. Louis they have to take afterwards for a game the next day — but whatever they do, we can't fathom what's taking them so long to decide.

The Rain Delay [Joe Sports Fan]

(UPDATE: It now appears the game is at 8:19 p.m., which makes no sense to us, according to

(SECOND UPDATE: The SI information was incorrect; MLB has yet to make an announcement about the gametime.)

(THIRD UPDATE: It's 2 p.m. ET, and still no word on when the game is tomorrow. This is absurd.)


(FOURTH UPDATE: The game is starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow. Drats.)

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