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What Time Isn't The Super Bowl?

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Check your TV—no Super Bowl, at least not right now. There wasn't a Super Bowl yesterday. We can pretty much guarantee there won't be a Super Bowl throughout this entire morning, or any time after today for quite a while.


Want to head out to brunch? You're safe. No Super Bowl will happen during brunch.

The Super Bowl is not at noon—not Eastern, Western, Central or Mountain time. Turn on your TV at noon, there's no way you'll see the Super Bowl.


You've got time for a late lunch, unless you're on the west coast. In most places, the Super Bowl won't interfere with your lunch. The Super Bowl isn't during lunch time.

If you're in Virginia or anywhere on the east coast, and you need to make a run out out to the store around, oh 5 o'clock, you'll be fine. Even 6 o'clock—don't get too bent out of shape out about it. Just be quick.

No, the Super Bowl isn't before 6 o'clock. Not in Virginia, not in Florida, and not in Vermont.

Leave any other times the Super Bowl won't be played in the comments.

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