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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Who knows what one can take from the ridiculousness on display in the Clemens testimony today? As we suspected, no one comes out looking good, and we didn't really learn anything either. One guy's lying, one guy isn't, we have a pretty solid idea which is which, and it ultimately doesn't really matter. Roger Clemens' name is going to be connected to steroids forever; it'll be the reason he might not make it to the Hall of Fame (though we bet he sneaks in), and it will certainly be in his obituary. That was the case before today, and it's the case now.

That's not to say we couldn't all take considerable enjoyment out of the whole thing. Yahoo has a compendium of enjoyable one-liners, including the soon-to-be-classic "Those little band-aids for his butt, if it bled."


The real fun to be had, though, is from the political pundit folk, who actually watch C-SPAN all the time. They've gleefully awarded Clemens the Best Testimonial Trainwreck award for 2008. They call out this great pretzel quote, about Andy Pettitte:

"Once again, Mr. Congressman, I think [Pettitte] misremembers the conversation that we had. Andy and I's relationship was close enough to know that if I would have known that he had done HGH, which I now know, if he was knowingly knowing that I had taken HGH, we would have talked about the subject. He'd have come to me to ask me about the effects of it."

So, when's that old-people-on-HGH television show coming out? We're in.

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