What's Terrell Owens Up To These Days? It Involves The Phrase "I Hope You Like Anchovies, Shrimp!"

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When last we left Terrell Owens, he was catching touchdowns for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, and getting knocked into the stands, and still harboring dreams of an NFL comeback. That may not be in the cards, but Owens is finding the time to squeeze in his second passion: acting.


We just received this email from operative "wesleywhatwhat":

So... I sometimes work as an extra here in Atlanta on various tv shows or movies.

Today, I just left the set of some tv show called Necessary Roughness. I've never seen it but I'm told it is about professional football players. Or whatever. I don't care as long as the checks clear and the craft table is stocked.

Anyway, the show was shooting in a nice restaurant called [RESTAURANT WE WON'T MENTION BECAUSE WE'RE AFRAID THIS IS VIRAL ADVERTISING] near me (so close that I walked to the set, actually) so I figured it would be a good day to get out of the house.

Once I get settled in, I see that Terrell fucking Owens is sitting at a table 10 feet away, appearing as this episode's guest star. Or maybe he has a long running story arc, I have no idea.

The important part is that when the cameras start, he is sitting there with some other extras, pretending to eat as one of the regular actors walks up to him and starts an argument that concludes with that actor BOUNCING A PUMPERNICKEL ROLL OFF THE FOREHEAD OF TERRELL OWENS.

I just wish I could have taken a pic, but that was strictly not allowed.

It gets better - Terrell's comeback was to pick up a plate of caesar salad and throw it at the star after saying "I HOPE YOU LIKE ANCHOVIES, SHRIMP!"

Seriously. Those words came out of his mouth, in response to food being thrown at him.

All of the extras were cut after that scene but I was leaving I saw that the crew had set up a piece of clear plastic or glass in front of the camera and were lining up several salads to throw toward the camera.

No one else there thought it was as funny as I did, but then again most of the people I talked to had no idea who Terrell Owens was.


So, basic cable subscribers out there, you're more likely to see T.O. on USA before you see him on ESPN. Shrimps.