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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

When A $125 Loan Denial Results In Wielded Knives: A Witness's Account

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Epic girl fight! Parenting fail. Shocking woman pulls a knife with child watching." Tonight's commentator: Steve Spell II, proprietor at The Float Dog LLC in Hammond, La.


Yes, this is merely a verbal tiff between two gentleladies. But anytime a knife is used to gain advantage in a confrontation, in front of a child, it bears notice. Here's Steve Spell II's account of events:

I own a little retail store next to the finance company. Well, the finance company rejected this woman's loan over the phone for $125 unless she could provide collateral.


Fair enough. Go on.

The woman then drove her car straight up here to the finance company and entered the building threatening and screaming obscenities.

The lady that denied her application for loan then followed her outside and the trash-talking commenced.

Then, the rejected would be recipient of the loan brandishes a knife.

Well maybe she really needed that buck twenty-five?

It is not known whether or not the finance company eventually gave her the loan, because the angry woman did re-enter the building stating that her child was sick with asthma.

This is one woman that you definitely need to save a bunch of money on car insurance for.

So, the loan company wanted her sick kid to choke all asthma-y? Cold. Warrants Mr. Spell grabbing the camera to record this after hearing yells through "double walled 5/8ths sheet rock" at his smoke shop. Did he think they'd get violent-er based on the yelling?

I wasn't sure, I was surprised to see the kitchen knife.

In a strange twist, the lady comes back the next day and the finance company called the sheriffs over here and they asked her to leave.

She was much calmer, I think she thought she was really gonna get the loan after all the smack talking and brandishing the knife, but they (the finance company) called the law the next day and the police instructed her NEVER to come back or she was going to go to jail.

True story. She came over here to my little smoke shop and asked to borrow $10 for gas as soon as the police left!!! I gave her a roll of quarters and wished her well. Wasn't getting a knife pulled on me.


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Coda: And now, your NSFW "Crazy Triple Chick Fight" finale in which "there's mad ass on the floor" ...

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