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When Fantasy Football Becomes Delusional Excess

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So, most people are already getting invites to enter their respective fantasy football leagues and it's now perfect time for enterprising companies to bilk well-meaning roto-dorks out of their hard-earned cash by marketing as many accessories to make the fantasy as real as possible.

Mr. Irrelevant points out the FJ Fantasy Sports site (for the "x-treme leaguer") that's selling full-sized draft-boards supposed to add a "level of professionalism" to leagues.


As an admitted fantasy nobhead, it's pretty safe to say that I'd probably draw that line a giant white piece of cardboard to keep track of all the fascinating action that occurs during draft day. ($10 for Stattracker,however, well, you got me.)

This is the perfect product for those FFers that are really trying hard to get out of a relationship, but have no idea how to do it. I'm pretty sure the girl in the photo immediately dumped the guy she was dating after he made her pose for this photoshoot. But, if you think a $30 draftboard is what it'll take to make your parents' basement more professional this August, well, then have at it, young fictional GM.

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