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When Mutton Bustin' Goes Horribly Wrong

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Derekscott "Bubba" Kirby is like all small children in the Southwest: he's a mutton buster. However, unlike most mutton busters, little Derekscott is infected with E. coli.


Derekscott was bucked from his mutton recently and ingested "a mouthful of dirt" in the ensuing chaos. The dirt was contaminated with E. coli and led to heart and kidney failure, as well as lung complications. He's currently recovering at a hospital in Austin thanks to the work performed by hospital staff, "prayer warriors," and Bubba's Angels—a website where supporters can buy t-shirts, well-wish, and even follow the boy's progress on the Twitter.

We wish the best to Derekscott "Bubba" Kirby and his family. May his recovery be quick, and may he return to bust mutton in the near future and brighten all our days.


Mutton-Bustin' Bubba recovering from E. Coli infection [WFAA-TV]


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