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When Notre Dame Football Players Get Arrested, Touchdown Jesus Weeps

Ain't no party like a South Bend party, cause by the time a South Bend house party gets stopped by police, someone's hand is going to get lacerated and some police officer's camera is going to take a mugshot of Joe Montana's son Nate.

Among the 43 underage-drinking arrestees overnight were eight Notre Dame football players (mostly freshmen and sophomores), two from the basketball team (including Tim Abromaitis) and a hockey player (whose ass would be getting summarily kicked if former Philadelphia Flyer Dave Poulin was still coaching there.)


As per, "All those arrested were held overnight in the St. Joseph County jail until their blood alcohol content had dropped to legal levels."

Predictably, the comments on the story toe the traditional town-and-gown lines. Predictably, Brian Patrick Hickey wholeheartedly endorses those calling for the crucifixion of the narcs and cops who ruined Nate Montana's evening.

As a service to godless, soulless Notre Dame haters far-and-wide, allow me to present A Collection of Mugshots.

[H/T Tomuban]

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